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Oxygen concentrators


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Commies want votes.

For which is better or worse. If memory serves, there are only a very few manufacturers, no matter the label. I have never heard of them going out. I'm sure they do, but of the folks we saw, even though briefly, most never complained about the machine malfunctioning. Some did complain they couldn't get flow from the machines, but had 200 feet, literally, of hose. It don't work like that.

I never dealt with VA on these, but had a friend that opened a medical supply store. They did all the paperwork for the clients. I know that things had to be provided to them, but they worked with the doctors, insurance, .gov, and who ever. It seems he said it wasn't too big a deal, but I don't know what that means exactly. They may think it simple where you or I would see an insurmountable maintain of red tape. If you have an advocate, let them be the advocate.

Good luck.

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