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COVID News and Commentary

Schmidt Meister

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"When asked about there being 3,500 children hospitalized as opposed to 100,000, Walensky said, “Yes, there are, and in fact what I will say is while pediatric hospitalizations are rising they’re still about 15-fold less than hospitalizations of our older age demographics.” The CDC director said she’s not sure how many children are on ventilators.

“In some hospitals that we’ve talked to, up to 40 percent of the patients who are coming in with COVID are coming in not because they’re sick with COVID but because they’re coming in with something else and have had COVID or the Omicron variant detected,” Walensky said Sunday. In her interview, she again said that eligible Americans should get vaccinated."

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Myocarditis was rare until 2021. Any guesses why?

The NIH and CDC knows what is happening and covering their butts. If they can vaccinate everyone, they don't have a normal group left to compare. Its all about greed and power. Gates is using it for depopulation. Others are using it to bring in the Great Reset. Hard to believe, but sure looks to be true.


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