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Buy a proper vacuum!

For the longest time I bought those 100 to 150 dollar thingies and thought there can't be much of difference compared to those Dyson etc. costing 3 fold.

Spent 450 on this one. Cleaned the carpet in my bed room with my old vacuum and again with the new one. The new vacuum pulled twice the amount of dirt out, after the old one cleaned it.


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I got a Dyson for free several years ago because the lower housing was broken in half right where the clutch assembly is. I replaced all of the broken pieces, and the missing or worn parts for a little over $100. I already had a Hoover vacuum that has the filters in it that have to be cleaned or replaced  almost every time you use it to get it to suck again. The Dyson has turned me off of those things forever.

It still sucks great but that plastic they use is brittle as hell and a couple other things have broken on it since. With the help of a screwdriver, it's still perfectly functional but fixing it will put the total costs at about the price of buying a new one. It will suck a kids sock from the floor to the catch can in nothing flat so I'll probably use it until it finally dies and get one of those sharks.

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30 minutes ago, gwalchmai said:

I have an earlier version of that model, as well as a battery powered Dyson Animal. You can buy the Dyson from me, but not the Shark.

I thought about a cordless Dyson, but batteries still can't hold enough energy to be truly powerful.

- Dyson cordless Outsize: 525 watt at the motor

- Spark Apex: 1350 watt

Different efficiency and all, those numbers are pretty clear.

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