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This video should be named "Nope Nope Nope!" - Spelunking tragedy

SC Tiger

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Ugh. I used to do that.  Horrifying way to die.  I wasn't crazy enough try unexplored passages, though. And I had a policy of letting bigger people go first (figuring if they fit, then I would be ok), and I hated having anyone behind me because I wanted to be able to back up if my claustrophobia decided to put in an unwanted appearance. (I never know - I've been so fine in MRI tubes that I've fallen asleep for 45 minutes, and I've had fMRIs where I had to have them stop before I was halfway into the tube, pull me out, and have the helmet and padding that immobilizes my head/neck/shoulders removed - I was ok after a minute and they put everything back and the 90 minute MRI went fine, which just told me I needed to be prepared in advance mentally for being immobilized.  It might be that more than the small space itself that it my problem?  Anyway, I'm not caving anywhere I can't stand up anymore, ever.

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