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"Hospitals have not yet reached maximum capacity!"


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By now you get the picture. The lame-stream media simply will not tell any story that doesn’t turn a moderate viral infection into the Black Death, which killed between thirty to sixty percent of Europeans during the fourteenth century. But many have begun to realize that the original Wuhan Flu simply did not kill very many people. We saw news reports of refrigerated trailers full of dead bodies, but most of us don’t know anyone who was seriously impacted by it. I personally know several, and they all recovered with no illness worse than the seasonal flu would cause. A close friend in active medical practice has seen a single COVID death, and that person was elderly with multiple severe illnesses before the virus tipped him over the edge. We have to decide whether we will believe the Quixotic Quislings of Quarantine or our own lying eyes.

Having just survived the rigors of The Delta Variant, or as I like to call it, a cold, Dr. Noel's words ring true to me. Worth reading.

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