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Do some of these memes/cartoons really need to be posted in 3 or more different threads?


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Title should say it all.

Yes, some of them are funny, but seriously, I'm seeing a lot of this going on lately. 

I know I'm not the Big Guy that runs things around here, but please, just pick the thread that the comic/meme is most appropriate for, and post it in that one location only, rather than multiple threads.  The entire point of having multiple threads is to give posts both an appropriate place to be, as well as limit how fast some of these threads are growing.  I just spent a couple hours yesterday playing catch-up because I went camping over the past weekend, and I swear that I saw a bunch of the same stuff posted in the 3 main threads I check.

If nothing else, some of us have limited bandwidth, and opening the same images/gifs multiple times because they are getting posted multiple times can really slow down enjoyment of everything else being posted.



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34 minutes ago, pipedreams said:

Just a guess but 2 or 3 different people may post the same thing in different threads over a couple days.  Pretty hard to eliminate that.

that happens and I understand, but the same person posting the same thing on at least 4 different threads is a bit overkill.

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