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A Funny Screw-up


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1 hour ago, tadbart said:

So the last time I ordered Pizza Hut delivery, I was working at my Atlanta clinic, about a month ago.

I ordered again tonight, from my home in Central Florida.

Dinner's on me tonight, my Atlanta Colleagues! :anim_rofl2::599c6446eb707_cussing2:

That's  too funny...:biggrin:

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Kinda reminds me when I moved into this house when I was 17.  I got doxxed a lot during that move and when the move was complete, I threw a party and we all got totally shitfaced drunk and high.  Major munchies going on from all the weed.  Anyways, like 8 pizzas were sent to my house from those who doxxed me and we all saw it as a gift from God and not a prank and we were more than happy to pay for it.  That pizza boy got a nice tip from a bunch of stoned rednecks that night!   

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