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More Fun With Scammers

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• Them: You have a charge of $399 on your Amazon account.
• Me: Well, it's possible... See, I have a drinking problem, and sometimes when I get drunk, I order stuff on-line.
• Them: If you can turn on your computer, I can show you the charges.
• Me: It's kind of embarrassing. If you could tell me when this happened, that would help.
• Them: Yes sir, if you could turn on your computer I can show you what happened.
• Me: One time, I got drunk for a week. When I sobered up, I found airline tickets to Las Vegas in my pocket and a marriage certificate. My wife was really pissed!
• Them: Sir, do you have a computer?
• Me: Sure I do, doesn't everyone? I got mine when I ordered it on-line while I was drunk.
• Them: Sir can you turn your computer on?
• Me: Come to think about it, last week I vaguely remember getting drunk and meeting this girl. She wanted $400 for sex, but since I didn't have that much cash, I told her she could charge an I-phone to my Amazon account. That might explain it.
• Them: Sir, do you want to cancel that sale?
• Me: Oh, no! The sex was great! She was worth it!
*Click* dial tone
• Me: Hello? Hello?
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