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...all in the holy name of convincing people this was the most lethal thing ever.


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I love Sara Hoyt.


At the same time somehow the media, the panic, the insanity, was all in the holy name of convincing people this was the most lethal thing ever. (As we know from Fauci’s emails.) Oh, and crashing the economy. And being able to steal the election. (Thank you, Americans. Even with all that ****, all the crazy bullshit, you voted for Trump in such numbers these assholes needed to fraud openly, in the light of day, in the most clumsy way possible.)

ALL OF IT was a political coup; a way to take down a successful president and install a China stooge. ALL OF IT.

You go, girl!

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It was one of the first things I sad well over a year ago when this China virus hit the news: this plandemic is being used to blame Trump on the handling, no matter how good or bad he does, right in the election year. And that's exactly what the Dem strongarms - mainstream and social media - pushed the entire year! How many low IQ voters bought into the lies and voted against Trump, feeling that he is at fault of the China virus handling and people dying?!

This here is the real issue! Trump put massive tariffs on China in order to get parts of our working middle class and related tax revenue back. But the China shits think they have a right to further take us out like a turkey on Thanksgiving and did everything in their power to get the Dems back into office, who always sold us out to China. It was all so obvious. Nobody wanted to hear it and yall keep buying this **** made in China, if possible through Amazon, who's ENTIRE Basic product line is made in China.

Do you have any idea how much our buying habits destroyed our own manufacturing jobs, our tax revenue, our infrastructure, and why we now face a highly corrupt "Democratic" party in office?!

It is OUR buying habits that is going for the cheap **** made in China, because instant gratification and over night shipping through Amazon Prime is more important than having to save up money for a more expensive US made product. That lazy and stupid buying habit moves all the power to China while kills our working and political foundation!

You don't need a degree in economics to understand what the increasing trade deficit below means! At some point we will buy "everything" from China while they don't buy ANYTHING from us! How do you like being depended on a commie country?!

If you don't look for the "Made in ..." sticker on EVERY product, BEFORE you buy it, and avoid everything made in China, you are a big part of the current problem!

BUY USA MADE. If you can't find the product made in the US, make sure you buy it made in ANY other county but China! When you place an order online, search on Google where the product is being made! Yall always talk about voting with your wallet... so do it!


The Brewing U.S.-China Trade War, Explained in Charts | Barron's


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