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Our Government Is Evolving into Something Horrifying


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"Overall, the key objectives of the current Democratic Party and the Biden administration, with the assistance of these elitist groups, is to undermine the foundations of our country as founded. They are actively working to replace our political system with one that imposes upon the American people a government empowered to be involved in our lives to a degree that will eventually include dictating our personal thoughts and daily activities. These groups work vigorously on an ongoing basis and in a coordinated fashion, attacking and devaluing our history, our democratic practices, and our traditions to place us behind a new American version of an Iron Curtain."


"A highly ruthless and committed movement driven by deception and an organized plan was set in motion to win the November 3, 2020 election by any means necessary, including possibly releasing or at a minimum deliberately spreading the COVID-19 virus around the world, starting either in late 2019 or early 2020.  After its introduction, a comprehensive campaign was waged to weaponize and promote the public's fear of COVID-19.  As the pandemic raged, the parties opposing President Trump ratcheted up the stakes by demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice people's lives and inflicting all kinds of collateral damage on fundamental American institutions and our economy for the primary purpose of political gain."

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15 hours ago, MO Fugga said:

Maybe, but my money's on foreign influence.


Foreign influence paired with domestic sheep that buy into any manipulation and agenda, as well as domestic beta males on a power trip that hate America because they are too weak to succeed without cheating and stealing.

In one form or another, its bad vs good, evil vs righteous, criminals vs law abiding, corruption vs integrity, takers vs makers. These 2 forces always have been around, but we are now failing to be strong.


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