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New Youtube Channel - Jill Bearup

SC Tiger

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Found a new (to me, it's been around for ten years), slightly humorous, very informative and somewhat entertaining Youtube channel about medievil weapons, swordfights, etc:

This could be useful information if you are ever getting married, are the bride, are attacked by baddies and the only weapon available is a sword:

Not something I anticipate having to do, but it's good to be prepared nevertheless.

This one was pretty funny, informative and a good response to the "Why do the Mandalorian Women have BOOB SHAPED ARMOR?????" arguments:

Beats my "because they are women, and women have boobs" argument I was using.

Gonna admit I also love her accent.


Bear in mind I also watch videos of a lawyer picking locks from time to time.


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On 6/2/2021 at 12:14 PM, Rellik said:

I'm offended! She didn't mention Ridolpho Capo Ferro!

Where's the wedding, and Where's my Sabre!

She has a pile more videos out there.  Including one where she gripes about her personal pet peeve regarding female armor.  

Hint - it's not the boob plate.

And for the record the channel itself isn't new, I just recently discovered it.

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