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My Vote For The Smartest 3 Year Old Kid In America


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‘Diabolically Adorable’: 3-Year-Old’s 'Lion King' Death Cake Goes Viral

A little Minnesota girl’s mischievous birthday cake idea went viral over the weekend with the help of a north Minneapolis bakery.
minnesota.cbslocal.com minnesota.cbslocal.com

A 3-year-old girl from St. Paul went viral this weekend because of a hilarious request she made for her birthday party.

Leona Feigh loves “The Lion King” and knows the words to every song, so she asked for a birthday cake with her favorite character, Mufasa. Leona’s mother, Alison Feigh, says she wanted a very specific scene in the movie.

“I felt really embarrassed asking [the bakery] because I thought they would think I was a horrible parent,” Alison said. “I was like, ‘So here’s the thing, this is what my child said, I thought it was funny. We’re just going to go with it.'”

Leona wanted the moment that’s been ripping hearts out since the mid-90s: Mufasa’s death. That way, Leona said, everyone would be so sad, they wouldn’t want to eat the cake — and she’d have it all to herself.



Smart kid.

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