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Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis


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A good read..............

"Five years ago, no one would mention Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis in the same paragraph. What did a former NFL, wannabe baseball player, a celebrity billionaire, and a former JAG officer have in common? But today, when Tebow, Trump, and DeSantis are mentioned in the same sentence everyone immediately gets what’s going on. Leftists hate these men because they represent America’s constitutionalist conservatives."


"The Left’s double standards regarding major political issues, especially race, are creating deep and dangerous divides in America. Moreover, the cause of these deep fault lines rests squarely with the Progressive media outlets and Silicon Valley’s Big Tech. When American citizens know that their points of view and values aren’t being heard, very bad things eventually happen."

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2 minutes ago, railfancwb said:

Kneeling to think God after a play - bad. 
Kneeling to dishonor United States - good

Well.  We all know when it's time to kneel.  

I think the guy got screwed in the NFL.   They should have given him a chance.

If nothing else he sells a boat load of shirts.

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My cousin could have played baseball in the major leagues, he had the stats, but he was told point blank he had to stop helping at the children's ministry, he had to start going to the strip clubs with the team, he wasn't allowed to pray before eating, etc. If he gave all that up he was offered a place on a team. He turned it down. I'm proud of him for that. Also never watched a baseball game since.

The PC woke cancer isn't new. It's just not even trying to look good anymore.

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13 minutes ago, Fog said:

 He turned it down. I'm proud of him for that. Also never watched a baseball game since.


I'm proud of him, too.

There's more to life than a baseball.

I'm not sure why some people just can't let a man like that...be himself.

I don't go to a staff party once a year...mostly because...i don't feel its right...for many of the same reasons.  Some of us "social" different than others.

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