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$3 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Be Used on Ad Campaign to Increase Vaccine Uptake


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"The U.S. government funded vaccine research to the tune of more than $9 billion, spent $22 billion to support vaccine distribution, shelled out another $10 billion to expand access and currently announced $3 billion to spend on an ad campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy."


"So, added to the billions already given to the vaccine companies to develop the vaccine, free advertising for their product through the news media and billions poured into increasing access to their product — plus additional paid ad campaigns — all paid for by the government, vaccine companies are now charging the government for each individual dose they deliver. This may make the COVID-19 vaccine the best return on investment for drug development and sale in history."

  • $19.50 Pfizer
  • $16.00 Novavax
  • $15.00 Moderna
  • $10 Johnson & Johnson
  • $4 AstraZeneca
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we`ve had them playing here (on Amazon firestick) for a few months, the newest one seems to be aiming towards those 12 and under and is portrayed as the only way they get to the beach or parks or see friends and Travel for summer.

its quite Orwellian and cost $900,000.

it seems to be sinking in that its the Blue Cities and States are the ones not getting Vaccinated and the serious push is on to remedy that before anyone catches on.

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