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The left is finally showing the rest of the country what we've known all along


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"Leftists don't care about inclusion; they exclude anyone who doesn't agree with them. They don't care about a merit-based system; it matters only what alleged victim groups you belong to. They think the way to fight racism is with much worse and more blatant racism against White people. They don't care about Black lives. BLM and its "Defund the Police" nonsense put more Black lives in danger every day. They don't care about Israel and are blatantly anti-Semitic. They don't care about your kids' education; they care only about having control of your kids' education. They don't care about keeping you safe during the pandemic; they care about keeping you controlled during the pandemic."

The Left's Ideology Shrivels When Exposed to the Light

"For decades, Progressives have been making gains in America, and they've been doing it mainly because they were very careful and crafty in how they operated.  A leftist will rarely come out and tell you what he is trying to do; leftists are stealthy and devious about their true intentions, disguising their motives with slogans like "for the common good," "paying your fair share," and "leveling the playing field." "


"Unfortunately, I think a good strong dose of Democrat ideology is just what the country needs to shock some sense back into it.  After eight years of Obama, the country soundly rejected Hillary in favor of Trump.  I predict that after just two years of Biden (Obama 2.0 on steroids), the country will have had enough and will send a large number of Dems packing.  It's now up to us to vote and to not allow another Big Steal."

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Very shortly before Rush died,  he did a segment about the time he said that he hopes Obama fails.   Everyone dogpiled on him, aghast.  How could he say that?  Traitor!

He said he now realizes he was wrong,  and has changed his opinion.

This time he was saying he hopes Biden succeeds - in every tiny detail.  He said a full dose of rabid socialism may be the only way to make people realize what's unfolding

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