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Biden Admin SHUT DOWN Investigation Into Wuhan Lab Leak Theory


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The probe was initiated under President Trump to determine origin of the outbreak

"As the evidence piles up pointing toward a Wuhan lab leak being the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, and as it becoming accepted as a mainstream credible likelihood, it has emerged that Joe Biden’s administration SHUT DOWN an investigation into the theory that was initiated under President Trump."



"This week a previously unseen US intelligence report revealed that at least three researchers working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where coronavirus experiments were being conducted, were hospitalized in mid November 2019 with symptoms matching those of COVID.

It adds to the mountains of evidence pointing to the lab leak that has been accumulating for over a year, with prominent scientists and intelligence figures lending their weight to the notion.

With numerous official entities now being forced to backtrack and acknowledge that the lab leak origin is a real possibility, media outlets and fact checkers are scrambling to reverse previous statements on the issue."

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let me Sum up.

The Obama Administration NIH and WHO under Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab that created The WuFlu or China Virus that infected the World through China`s poor Work ethic and Security or as a way to focus attention away from The Invasion of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

(if i vanish never to be seen again because of this i`d be one of Millions)

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