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More words from noted highly intelligent expert on mental health.


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Had to pull it up.

"Lovato describes their sexuality as fluid, and has said they are open to finding love with someone of any gender. In July 2020, they labeled themself queer."

"Lovato had suffered from bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa (binge type)."


Surprise, surprise.

Clowns get ignored in my book.

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I  believe that obsessed, maladjusted  culture zombie  fourteen-year-olds or younger are her audience.

Certainly not us.

When narcissists begin to lose the public's adoration, they must regain it, however dumb that effort may be.

I have no sympathy for her and wish her a long and dismal obscurity.



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it's or. can't be both fourteen and younger
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1 hour ago, gwalchmai said:

Not very many Disney kid stars turned out well, did they? Kurt Russell did OK, but no others come to mind, although I'm sure there are a few.

Tim Considine worked on My Three Sons after Disney's Spin and Marty and the Hardy Boys.and if I remember correctly, he was in the original Shaggy Dog.

I remember all of those programs.

Let us not forget Annette.




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Demi Lovato is mentally ill.  Why would I put any value on its opinions about anything?  It's irrational.  No value accrues to irrationality, illogic, nor to just plain stupidity.  And it doesn't get to determine who I compliment or for what.  (See how confusing that is, when I don't use rational pronouns?)

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