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Is it just me?


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That scene in the movie would be considered racist today because the Siamese cats are depicted as Oriental.

It matters not that Siam (Thailand) is in the Orient. 

Besides, there weren't enough African and homosexual dogs in the picture, so it must be banned, burned and forgotten.

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Disney+ either removed the song or the entire scene.  The song is obnoxious so I don't care, but the scene itself is crucial to the character development of the movie.  It shows how Si and Am framed Lady and why Aunt Sara hated her for the rest of the movie and didn't trust her.

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18 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

I don't know why, but when I thought of that movie it reminded me of when Claude Drysdale's mail order French bride had pups sired by Old Duke. 

And, how many of us know that you are referring to an old Beverly Hillbillies episode?

I only connected the name Drysdale and Old Duke.


We geezers can remember not only plots, but the names of the dogs in a television comedy show from the early 1960s.

So, you young'uns take heart.

You may get old, you may not remember what you had for breakfast, but you will be able to quote lines from 50-year-old TV shows with ease.


Weeeeeeeel, doggy!

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I hated that song when I heard it as a kid, and I hated that song when my own kids were listening to it, and now it is in my head again.  I will be removing it by listening to ABBA.  ABBA kills all earworms... by replacing them with their own...

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