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Last train from clarksville


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Good. I don't want that old creep in Florida.


On a much healthier and different note: one guy in my high school class was the son of the gym manager. One day after gym he stole the keys for the door that separated our shower room from the room for the girls. He didn't say a word and just unlocked the door while we all had been in the group shower rooms. The door went flying open and we got to see all our female class mates naked, well, and they got to see us. An initial screaming turned into laughing, because we all just stood there entirely clueless. That was in 9th grade and we must have been around 15.

Up to that time there was always some form of dislike between the guys and girls, but oddly enough, this event brought us closer together and over that year a few relationships within the same class developed.

The next week-long class trip turned quite interesting. The 2 teachers that were in charge of us tried to keep us separated in our sleeping rooms, but they literally gave up after 2 sleepless nights and let us sleep with the girls. I don't think there was one guy in my class not sleeping in a bed with a girl. Safe to say that most made their first experiences that week.

But that was in a different time, and another world. These days everybody would go to jail and then some.


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