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6 hours ago, Mrs Glockrunner said:

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More and more I get the feeling that many people are using their "apparent" concentration on their cell phones specifically to avoid contact with others.  They are hiding behind their cell phones.

It's a means to hide from the crowd when in the center of that same crowd.

They live in a world of their own making.  In school the phone meant that they didn't have to face the social interactions normally found in a busy environment.

Insecurity is born and bred from a fear of judgement by others.  Many of these people don't learn that the primary lesson is life is that adolescent judgement of their peers in actuality means nothing,  Not a damn thing!

When you rely on isolation to avoid judgement of others it simply means you haven't learned that your own accomplishments are the proper basis of judging others, not whether they comply to your set of "standards"

My single most memorable event in life is when I learned that, "They can kill you, but they can't eat you".

You don't have to hide from people to feel secure.  You simply have to learn that as long as you are contributing to society, and know your own "value",  judgement of you by others means absolutely nothing.

To put it more simply, "as long as you know you are an *******, it's not important to change if you don't want to, but it's important to know that others see you as an *******,  then you live your life accordingly."  

You determine how to live your own life, you are not a slave to others.  (In principle)

This is a bit of wisdom imparted to me by my father so long ago.

The cell phone is todays means of hiding from others, because you never learned how to deal with social interactions.


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