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It is my Miata, and I'm not messing with y'all. Wish I was. I was stopped waiting for oncoming traffic and heard tires screeching. I looked in the mirror quick enough to see a trailertrash teenage girl's eyes like saucers just before I heard the big bang. We got out of our respective cars and she says "I'm so sorry. I don't have any tags or insurance." Then she went to the side of her car and puked her guts out. Then she called her grandma. 

No one was hurt, although my neck's a little sore. Little Gray Car's damage will be determined tomorrow. dang1.jpg.6ec70aa49223f354a1b346ae48195ba4.jpg

I was stopped for oncoming traffic on Three Notch facing left in this pic, waiting to turn left left (down in this pic, onto Old Three Notch). She said she was picking up something she'd dropped (phone ?), looked up, and hit her brakes. Maybe 75 ft of skid marks. State trooper saw no indication of drugs or drinking, nor did I. Just youthful inattention. I'd give her six months picking up trash for the lack of insurance and tag, though.


It's a bad intersection. Last month a motorcycle was heading east on Three Notch there at over 100 mph and a car turned into him. There's a little hill which blocks the view. When the left-turning driver committed to his turn the road was clear but the bike appeared halfway through the turn and the driver didn't have time to avoid the collision.  Biker died.

So once again, I'm luckier than I have any right to be. :supergrin:

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1 minute ago, tous said:

Sorry to hear that, amigo.

So, the trailer-park, meth chick just walks away scot free then?  :shakefist:

Trooper said he was going to throw the book at her, but I doubt there's much can happen unless (until?) she kills somebody. Maybe community service. They can fine her but what could they get? I honestly believe that folks like that (and I've known my share) carry their punishments around with them all their lives. 

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Damn! I feel really sorry... you just got your Miata not too long ago.

I had the exact same accident with a VW Sportswagon some 4 years ago, but with a hood rat and not trailer trash. She was texting, rear ended me at a red light, no insurance, no money.

She lied about insurance when the officer wrote the report. She only made the first payment and was due for several months, so they refused to pay. She promised via email to pay for the repairs, I sent a repair quote from a body shop, but soon she stopped replying. One look at her house on google streetview told me all I needed to know. No way to sue, not even for a single cent.

Found her FaceBook page too, her BF was in jail on 15 years... no parole...

I hope your Miata has no structural damage.

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