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Talking Face To Face

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7 hours ago, Mrs Glockrunner said:

I doubt if this is a true story, but it is something to think about.


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the inability to interact with your peers leads to insecurity, isolation and fear.  Do you want this for your children?

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I know that part is true.  Kids today are so dependent on them, it is scary.

The part I don't think is true is the teacher stopping class 5 minutes early and telling the kids to talk to each other.  

We've lost the majority of our youth to electronics.  I really don't know what this world is coming to.  I agree, it is sad.

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My wife and I went out for dinner last week. We had a good conversation with each other and even talked to a chef about a new menu item he was experimenting with. But looking around many tables were silent with everyone on their phones. I have seen this before but it seemed to be much worse after this last year of everyone being so isolated. I think it is hitting kids harder than adults. 

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While I agree that this direction in younger generations is a serious issue, I can't complain too much. As an INTJ, we truly hate small talk. If there's no common interest in a rather deep matter, my desire to talk to people comes down to a few comments a day on a forum like this, if at all.

The other day a female neighbor came over and started talking about other neighbors. I have zero interest in that kinda bullshit. I wave when I drive by and see one, that's it.

I could go without communication for months. When I want a dedicated, in depth and intelligent conversation, I tend to talk to myself. :P


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