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KS, IL, OK, OR, TX and WV Updates – Know When Laws Effective (SC)

Gary Slider

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First – I what to thank everyone for their kind words in replies to my post and what I do. It is very much appreciated. I don’t answer posts to say thanks etc as I will miss someone and don’t want to do that. So Thank You All! I enjoy what I do and I can’t do what a lot of other people do for the RKBA. I post these updates and take care of  Handgunlaw.us  as my little part.

Kansas –  The Kansas Legislature has overridden the Governors veto of HB 2058.  Kansas will now issue Provisional Permits to those 18 -20.  Kansas still requires those carrying under Permitless Carry to be 21 but their new law states they will honor all other states permits but you have to be 21 to carry under their Permitless carry law or with a permit they honor.  Kansas bills usually state and HB 2058 states  “This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the statute book.”  In the past this has usually been July 1 of the year the bill passes. So it will most likely not go into effect until that date.        http://kslegislature.org/li/b2021_22/measures/hb2058/

Illinois – An Illinois Circuit Court has ruled that the state requirement to have a FOID Card to keep a firearm at your residence for self-defense is unconstitutional. The ruling will most likely be appealed. I have not seen anything saying a stay is in place on this ruling but most likely the state will  request one if appealed.      


Oklahoma – Governor has signed SB 672 effective November 1, 2021 which will allow anyone 21 or older or Active/Retired Military 18 or 18 or older who can legally possess a firearm (This would include long guns) to have in a vehicle any firearm loaded or unloaded.               .http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf_pdf/2021-22%20ENR/SB/SB672%20ENR.PDF

Oklahoma – Governor signed SB 926 effective November 1, 2021  strengthens Oklahoma’s Preemption.             .http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf_pdf/2021-22%20ENR/SB/SB926%20ENR.PDF

Oregon -  SB 554 has passed both houses in Oregon and the Governor will most likely sign it.  Allows more than 1,224 Oregon school district boards to prohibit Concealed Handgun License Holders (CHL) on their grounds.  Bans CHL holders from the State Capitol and airports. Mandates one-size-fits-all firearms storage within your home and vehicle. Increases CHL application fees 2x and increases renewal fees by 50% and  Implements felony charges and loss of your firearm rights for violations.   https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/sb554/Enrolled

Florence County South Carolina  The reason I got started with cataloging the laws was Mas Ayoob telling me to know the law better than those you are dealing with. That was 1995. Then I see stories like this and know that facts are needed and to be aware that you must confirm anything you read on the internet. That includes Handgunlaw.us. That is the reason I put the laws as written and links to them so you can confirm the law yourself. Florence Co Sheriff had to put out a story telling people that Open Carry had not passed yet and it was illegal. Some places are reporting the law has passed and he had stopped more than one person open carrying in SC. Remember it is up to you to confirm the laws. You are the one who will pay the price if something is reported in error. https://www.wbtw.com/news/open-carry-law-has-not-been-changed-florence-county-sheriffs-office-sends-reminder-after-increase-in-cases/

Texas – It looks like Texas will become a Permitless Carry State. The  TX Senate approved HB 1927 which had already been approved by the House.  The Senate made some changes and it has to go back to the house for concurrence.  The Governor has stated he would sign a Permitless Carry Bill that came to his desk. If it does get signed it will go into effect September 1, 2021. This is the version the senate passed. It may have a few more slight changes before going to the governor but everyone is saying it is a done deal just the last I has to be dotted and T crossed!  https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/pdf/HB01927E.pdf#navpanes=0

West Virginia -  Made an error in my last post. I stated West Virginia would start issuing Non-Resident Permits

    June 7. The correct date is July 7, 2021.  

https://www.wvlegislature.gov/Bill_Text_HTML/2021_SESSIONS/RS/bills/HB2793 SUB ENR.pdf

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