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The US Military Is Just Another Woke Institution


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"Tucker Carlson spurred a much-needed reexamination of the military in March. His monologue criticizing the military’s political correctness drew a more furious response from top brass than any foreign threat is likely to do. The generals’ response only affirmed Tucker’s points about the degraded state of our armed forces. Why do generals—both current and retired—feel the need to condemn civilians who question the wisdom of putting women in combat?

The answer is that the military, along with the entire national security establishment, is at one with the Democrat-Media complex. The image we have of generals and senior officers as defenders of tradition is wildly out of step with reality. "


This is absolutely right.  The Progressive Left has so thoroughly infiltrated the Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies that they are more likely to be the oppressors of freedom than the guardians of freedom.  A huge purge of leadership is going to be required to get this back under control,  if our Republic is to survive.

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You could think of this in another way also.

Let's say you are a true patriot and have the most important job in the world.  Defending a nation.

In a cruel twist of fate, your bosses are mirrors of the worst parts of human nature who are only aware of their public face and how that affects their chances of re-election.  Lies are truth and perception is reality to them.

To do your job, how would you handle these imbeciles?  How would you do your job and appease the stupidity at the same time?

Maybe what we are seeing is the attempt to do both.

Not that it really matters when times are good.  Lots of silly things can go on when it's not important.

When the bullets fly is when we will really see what our military is made of.   I think I already know.

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