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When your dog has an accident in the house

Borg warner

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LOL. When we first got our puppy,  the only place that he would have accidents was in front of my father's chair. After this happened a couple times I realized that the "accidents" were really "f-you's" since they would only happen after my old man would yell at my dog.  Once I trained my old man to not be a moron around my dog, the dog stopped leaving him presents.

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I had a royal bitch for a roommate once that had a chi hua hua dog that **** upon hearing loud noises like, oh, say, a clap. When queen bitch would ruffle my feathers, rat dog would go up on her bed and I would clap. Rat dog would make three twirls and poop, like a rabbit turd, dry, no peeing.

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My new rescue (14 years old) is a wonderful dog.  She was quite wary of people at first.

My oldest daughter is an animal person (as is most of the family) and she was miffed that we wouldn't bring the new dog to her home for fear of it biting someone or one of her dogs.

Her daughter and newly retired Navy husband has three kids and they live with my daughter temporarily while they get settled into their new home.

So I was concerned for my great grandkids safety.

So, my daughter came to visit us and said that if she could get the dog to love her, then she would buy the dog's affection.

My daughter bought all kids of treats for the poor dog.  She fed them to her all day long.

When my daughter left to go home, the dog got the runs from all the treats.

My daughter was pulling out of the driveway while the dog wiped it's ass down the middle of the living room carpet.

Since wife and I had dogs all our life together, I pulled out the rug shampooer and spent an hour cleaning the carpet.

Our dog recovered and all is again well in the J6 family.

Now we refer to my oldest daughter as " The dogs evil step sister"!

The dog doesn't have accidents except for that episode and we are thoroughly in love with her!

Her name is Sophie.

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