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With yesterdays meaningless Holliday behind us.


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I will raise a glass to National Nurses Day. The only thing that got me through being stationed in north Texas was the fact that the base trained Drs. and Nurse to be AF Officers. Every three weeks a new class would come through. They would ask two questions of the gate guard when they came in Sunday morning for a Monday morning start. They would ask " Where do I sleep and where can I get something to eat ? 


The gate guard would point them to the BOQ Office and the Officers Club. If one would go to the O Club about noon time on that Sunday, one would see different tables of nurses gathered together wondering WTH to do while eating lunch. If you were there early enough, you would just pick out a table that looked friendly and say, " You ladies look like you have some questions; is there anything I can help you with? "


Immediately the people at the table would make room for you and start asking questions. From that day forward for the next two weeks you had a guaranteed date for every night you wanted one.


Am I going to Hell for taking advantage of that situation ?





BTW, nurses know things.



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I knew a nurse who told a tale about an irate Karen who refused to receive an IV from a lowly nurse, only a doctor. She laughed and sent the doc on call in who proceed to poke the woman multiple times until he finally gave up and sent the nurse to do it.

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