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Intelligence Surveillance Aircraft Has Been Circling AZ Audit Location And Collecting Information


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For what purpose is the plane listening in on calls related to phones in and near that coliseum?  Maybe it’s explainable and maybe not.

The PC-12 aircraft has full motion video capability and can vacuum up cell phone transmissions and follow the connection to the other end of the call to find out intelligence on the other party involved.




I'm sure their just making sure the audit is as honest as the election, can't be to careful.


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Legit or not, it's sad that we have gotten to a point where every human being can and will be spied on that easily.

Look what happens with opposing opinions on social and mainstream media. It gets de-ranked, de-listed, shadow banned, banned, demonetized, deleted, twisted or canceled. All that new tech makes it really easy to manipulate us, or to remove us if we don't agree with the left wing push.

We are heading into the wrong direction. Too many people on this small planet, and too many becoming compliant with the power grab.

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Does Anyone Really Believe the Same People Who Stole  Election Will Hesitate to Shut Down AZ Audit?

For weeks Democrats failed to shut down the audit process in Arizona.

Democrats fear the truth like cockroaches fear the light.

If the Biden administration is able to do this we will all know there is NO LAW AND ORDER in America today.

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