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Yo, why yo shootin me?!


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... MAYBE because you are a low IQ criminal **** that doesn't follow lawful orders, likes to run from police with a gun in hand, and is a deadly threat to officers and any possible bystanders?!

Chicago is a Dem ridden shithole!





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first off, that Officer needs to wear PPE when going near bad guy Blood.

second he shot that bad guy in the Belt line, or Lower thigh...:anim_lol:


and i have brought this up at my Local Community and Police Meeting i am going to need Body cams to be Steady cams if we are going to make LEO`s wear them lets at least enjoy the entire  Footage, this includes K9s.

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I hate the fact that those criminals are the source for the left's bullshit claim of systemic racism.

The left needs to clean up their own disgusting criminal voter base!

I swear, these days its criminals voting for criminals so both can get away with their ****. One big group being bottom feeding street thugs, and the left wing politicians getting away with power trips and taking away the rights and money from law abiding people. Soon the street thugs will have both... the guns and our money.

But hey... I'm just making all this up...

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