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Shots fired in the Persian Gulf


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7 minutes ago, railfancwb said:

Good ole fresh hot shooting war will take the minds of the common people off COVID and election irregularities. 

It's not like Iranian gun boats harassing our warships hasn't been a thing for years. And one that seriously needs to be addressed.

We aren't going to avoid war with Iran forever. Blowing the ever living **** out of their "navy" might avoid larger bloodshed. 

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1 hour ago, LostinTexas said:

Man the 30MM. One warning shot through the wheelhouse.

I saw that one in action one day. It left an impression.


1 hour ago, Batesmotel said:

Ammo is expensive. Think of the budget. 


You guys think like me.  But beat me to it. 

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Its been escalating with Israel retaliating with the Gaza strip, Israel continuing the tit for tat with Iranian vessels and the US having airstrikes on Syria.   Could get messy quick.   Oh yeah Australia is sabre rattling because of the problems in indo china...






FUN times are coming  !!!!!

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