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Will you comply with an "Assault Weapon" ban?


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With one minor exception, the infringements have continued bit by bit. Exception was the sunset on Clinton’s “assault rifle” ban. And “W” - Bush the Younger - said he would sign a renewal of the ban if it came to his desk.

As far as LEO confiscating guns from citizens, remember Katrina. 


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No I will not. I like Colion He’s a good dude and great for us gun folk. I have said this before and I get a strange look or your just trying to be an internet tough guy response .  I’m not trying to be an internet tough guy. This is where I will draw my line in the sand. You want my guns come get em if you got the balls. I’m sure if they want them they will get them but I promise you I will take a few with me. I doubt the military or cops would carry out these orders. But then again I don’t trust either one of those groups. Sorry to say that but it’s how I feel. Anyone who will willingly just give up their guns are cowards. 

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I support the right of private individuals to sell their property freely without government oversight. The media calls it a loophole. I call it freedom. So there's no proof I have ever purchesed or owned such items and no need for me to comply to begin with. No boats necessary.

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12 hours ago, aomagrat said:

I'm old enough that life in prison doesn't scare me.

Let's see here: Gated community with 24 hour armed security. Free healthcare, free prepared meals. Where I worked there, there were 3 satellite dishes cabled into each private "suite" Gymnasium, library, auto repair classes. And so much more!

Go ahead! Threaten me with prison!


July 4th festivities! 30 foot pole jump at the main gate followed by 20 mile run to Mexico.

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13 hours ago, railfancwb said:

Stayed in use for a number of years in some areas long after WWII was over. 

I shot one about a year ago. If someone had a bit of mechanical savvy and some cool tools, they could make one in their garage.

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