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Texas Members wanting Constitutional Carry


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Howdy Y'all. Enough of the niceties, this here is business.

Contact your state senators to support House Bill 1927. Passed by the House already, killed by Patrick, and now revived, probably after a proper amount of hate mail. Hit them both up, and pound their inboxes and voice mail. Be nice, courteous and don't screw it up like some probably well intended lobbyists did a few years ago. Just tell them to support it.

This one is going to Comity on Thursday and is supposed to be the only thing on the docket. It could be a full plate, and probably will. The same old "blood in the streets", "officers killed", "dead children", and the whole gamut they pulled out for CHL, and later, Open Carry is sure to be in full display. Of course, none of these has come to light in over 20 years.

Here is a link to find your representatives Who Represents Me

There is a second bill, Senate Bill 2224, that is full of loopholes, and rat traps. This one should not be supported, and isn't up for discussion, yet.

Time to put up or shut up. We have never been this close or had this meaningful a push.

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