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Chauvin dead pool


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17 minutes ago, railfancwb said:

Most cops sent to prison are probably at high risk from other inmates. 

They are.  They are not put in general population.  Usually among their own kind and secured away for everyone.

I knew a deputy that did 2.5 years in a high security fed. pen.  Marion, Ill.   Lovely bit of hell.

He was a dirty rat.

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He's currently being housed in a county jail which is the most dangerous for him because he has to be around the other inmates who will know who he is because inmates watch lots of TV.  When he's sentenced and gets transferred to a state or federal prison, he definitely will be serving his entire sentence in the SHU. 

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Epsteined by June 15, because the gov't knows he'd win his appeals and get another trial, in a different location, with a sequestered jury, and possibly even less witness tampering/intimidation, which would result in different verdicts and thus more riots and burning cities... and the gov't is perfectly willing to sacrifice individuals, whether guilty or innocent, in order to appease the mob.

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