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Jews and Gun Control


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After their experience with Germans, disarmament of civilians (Jews especially) and the Holocaust one would think Jews would be fervent supporters of the Second Amendment and its recognition of the right to keep and bear arms. Yet a lot of the big names in gun control would like to disarm most Americans. Why?


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Look who is running CNN and other mainstream media networks that spewed all this Trump and white man hate for 4 years straight. Maybe some see US patriots and conservatives as the new threat, after being told to do so by the media.

At the end of the day, Jews are people like you and me. They too will have a good amount of folks believing in the left wing anti gun agenda.

America freed the world from the horrific crap the German SS machinery was doing, and yet here we are just a generation or 2 later. History repeats itself because humans are rather stupid. Canceling our history will only speeding things up. It's obviously the goal of the left wing crazies.

And now look at the youngest generation. They are business playing video games 8 hours a day, with a smartphone glued to their head the remainder of the time. Guess how many of them are reading history books.

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This topic has been hashed over many times before.  I seem to remember the explanation for the seemingly ironic behavior is because of the difference between American Jews and others.

People tend to vote for what benefits them, so in the end American Jews must believe Democrats benefit them.

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