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My wife is a mean woman.


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So we have been helping a friend through her divorce. The end of the month is D-Day. The day his subpoenaed disclosures and declarations are due. Problem is he is lying about a lot of things that will come out in the disclosures. He is totally busted and may have set him self up for some serious IRS issues by hiding income.

If he refuses to file the papers he will lose in mediation and/or court. If he files he is busted for perjury in the papers he had already sworn to. 

In the meantime he is making his wife’s life a living hell. To help pass the time, my wife bought both of them “Jewelry” Advent Calendars. They have a necklace and a bunch of charms you open each day. They expire the day his papers are due. This is how they are counting down to his demise. 

I love my twisted little minx. 


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6 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

My wife would set me on fire.

Too quick for him. We are helping her play the long game.

Don’t react. Don’t fight. Don’t escalate. Document and report to the lawyer. Give him enough rope to hang himself. Right now my wife is helping with forensic accounting. Not looking good for him. 

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I went through one divorce. Won't be doing that mistake (of marrying) ever again. Luckily I had a massive prenup, which prevented any attempts of screwing me over.

Now I'm married to better health, better finances, more guns, a nice collection of watches, AND ZERO DRAMA!

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2 minutes ago, geeorge said:

Is the friend hot and are you working on a threesome?

Not really but a very nice lady. He was OK when they first got married but he soon changed. We found out he started acting like his dad treated his mom. Total abusive dirtbag to the wife and kids. 

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When I got divorced back in 2005 we decided to keep it clean for the sake of our child. No fighting or arguing. We worked it out like adults. We never even went to court. In fact she texted me earlier today to ask me if I could stay at her house to watch the dogs for a few days. She's finishing her dissertation and wants to take a little trip to celebrate. 

I'll watch the dogs.

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