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ICE locks Twitter account that alerted public of illegal immigrants freed by sanctuary cities


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Now he orders the Twitter account of ICE to go private. The very account that tracked sanctuary cities publishing release of illegal aliens back into public.


"ICE has locked down a Twitter account that was used to alert the public to illegal immigrants released by sanctuary cities.

@ICEAlerts is now “protected,” meaning only those who had already been following the account can see the target names. Users also can’t retweet the old posts, said Jon Feere, a former senior employee at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement under President Trump.

ICE did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the change, but Mr. Feere said the Biden administration doesn’t want people to know what kinds of criminals it’s no longer actively seeking to deport."


“The Biden Admin is apparently not too interested in public safety,”

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42 minutes ago, crockett said:

Turning America into a ****hole, piece by piece.

And...americans sit and watch.  Like they did with the Stolen Election.  "America First"...don't fit with the "Reset".   Therefore...all that america first crap,...had to go.   And...It went.  AND...this clown act has 4 more years to go...even if so called republicans take the house in 22...So the F what...

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