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Sparky's bourbon thread


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i don't drink too much Bourbon anymore i always preferred Rye, but.

anything by Van Winkle is damn good drinking.

i have a bottle of 23 yr reserve around.

and the Family reserve Rye is Top shelf.

Rock hills Farms is great too.


try Willett Family Estate Bourbon they make my favorite Rye.

everything they bottle is great.

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A friend of mine is a diehard Wild Turkey 101 fan and swears by Russell's Reserve. I haven't picked up a bottle yet but it's on the list. 

I am nearly finished with my first bottle of Eagle Rare. I bought it on the way home from a funeral and waited 11 months to open it. Its good enough to make me wonder why the hell I waited. I have a bottle of Henry McKenna 10 yr. single barrel waiting when that's finished. 

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Not really sure how I missed this thread. You guys have posted up some good ones!

Special nod to that Weller Antique 107. 

I'm a huge Weller fan, as wells as most stuff that comes out of Buffalo Trace. My Weller collection sits at 3 or 4 liters of green label, 2 fifths of black 12, 2 fifths of the antique, and 1 fifth of the blue full proof. I only have a bottle of green open. The 12 is by far the best whiskey I've ever experienced. 

Blanton is another good one, if you can find it for retail these days. 


Cheers, Gentlemen! When I get home, I'll take a family photo.

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