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New toy today.


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On 2/27/2021 at 9:33 PM, Sparks said:

Picked up this S&W 6" model 617-6.

Its alot bigger than my old j frame model 34 kit gun.  Can't wait to get a chance to shoot it.



Just now seeing this. Love my 617’s. I have a 6” -6 just like yours and it’s great at the range. I liked it so much I picked up a 4” -1 and a 8 3/8” -1 as well. They are both 6-shot models but are still fun to shoot. The “Long Tom” 8 3/8” gets a lot of attention at the range. 


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Just picked this up.  Pristine condition like this one.  Absolutely uncomfortable as hell in a big hand,  AND...the Trigger is about 50 Lbs on Double action!!!  It was a gift...sorta...22LR, 9 shot.  High Standard Sentinal.

Collectible High Standard Sentinel 22lr Western Auto Sears Revolver  Overview - Texas Gun Blog - YouTube

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