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13 minutes ago, Hauptmann6 said:

Is there much of a difference between rice brands?

Thems fighting words. Seriously in some places buying the wrong rice will start a fight.


Brands not too much if comparing the same varieties from the same region. But that’s where the difference starts. There are so many varieties grown in so many places. 

Hit Asian markets and ask about different options. YouTube, internet, books. Discovering rice is a fun journey. Most Americans are happy with Calrose and don’t explore farther. 

And don’t stop with just a cooker. Pilaf method opens more doors. 

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Rice cooker is just too time consuming for me.  I get this stuff. 


"loose" scramble 2-3 eggs...Spices, pesto and siht.  Pack it in tupperware.    Whenever I get the hankerin, cook up some fresh Argentian Red, shrimp and Mussels...Nuke some of my Pesto pasta...Toast up some garlic toast...I'm good to go...

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No since in getting you nickers in a twist. Still using the same cheap Proctor Silex for over 25 years. It gets 2-3 uses a month, so if you use it more it may not last that long

I like pilaf, but never seem to get it the way I want it. Type? What ever the cajun market, Walmart, or Brookshires has that day. The crusty layer in the bottom is a argued over treat many times. Never had any taste scorched, and always nice and fluffy. It should rest for 10-15 minutes in the cooker without heat. It will be plenty hot when you take it out.

We ain't fancy, but like to eat.

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Boil 1 cup of water, reduce heat to simmer, add 1/2 cup pf rice, a bit of salt and some butter, 16 - 18 minutes.... VOILE....  perfect rice .....   NO COOKER NEEDED.....(or double, triple,  amount)

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