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Vast Majority of Republican Voters Say Leaders Should Be ‘More Like’ Trump: Poll


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"A new poll found that 73 percent of likely Republican voters said that leaders should be “more like” former President Donald Trump.

According to a survey from Rasmussen Reports, it also found that 42 percent of likely voters said that the “recent impeachment proceedings against Trump didn’t make much difference in their opinion of the former president.”

And 29 percent “of all voters said the impeachment made their opinion of Trump worse, while 28 percent said they have a better opinion of Trump after his second impeachment,” the poll found."


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Early in Feb. a poll showed 89% of Republican Voters wanted President Trump to Remain Active in Politics.

and it was nearly 50/50 among all Registered Voters that President Trump Remain active and that he Remove himself from Politics Completely.

and that was with way, way under Polled Independent Voters.

President Trumps Approval Ratings hit a Peak in March of 2020 during the Worst of the China Plague.

and was an Average of 45%-47% Approval no matter who or what was saying Different. the reason for weekly and even daily Approval polls is to try and drive down the Average or Overall rating. that didn't work with President Trump.(Trump had 42 Approval polls in 4 years)

again they admittedly vastly under polling Registered Independent Voters.


in Comparison President Obama had an Average Actual Approval rating of 41%-45% Overall and that was 8 Years in Office (Obama had 47 Approval Polls in 8 years) and it began to drop fast after his First Term in Office and not even Monthly Average Approval polls and only used 'Likely Voters' or Selected bought and paid for polls.


numbers don't lie, it is a Trump Branded Republican party and anyone who thinks differently is Delusional.

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