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kinda funny doc appointment and not so funny


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and kinda not ,  so yesterday my appointment to go over mri of my hip ,  this is how it goes .

rep--umm  didnt anyone call you ? our internet is down 

me  -  no 

rep- well we have reschedule because our net is down 

me - are fing serious  , yeah i said fing  

rep - yes  

me  - so you cant do anything like with a pen and paper write down my effing info  just to see doc i drove 30 minutes to see  ?  

rep - no

im sure we called  


so i whip out the phone show her calls missed or answered   


man i was mad 

sad state when skynet takes over,  thhis to meis utter stupid



so i go back tomorrow calling first , i know i got fracture just gotta see where  and how or what to do 

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16 hours ago, aomagrat said:

I drove to my 20 miles to my designated pharmacy to pick up my prescription refills. Nope. The "system" was down.  No one knows how to operate pencil and paper anymore.

Weird. My 18yo knows how to do manual credit cards. It exists!

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