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Bravest Guy I've Seen This Week


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The Doc; not the Croc.


That’s not a gator: UF vets remove swallowed shoe from 341-pound croc

The crocodile swallowed a shoe that fell off a zip liner.
www.clickorlando.com www.clickorlando.com

" Once at UF Vet, a zoo medicine resident even tried reaching down the 341-pound crocodile’s esophagus for the shoe, but that method did not work out either. "




I can hear it now.

Supervisor : Well, Doc, I have good news and I have bad news.

Vet: What's the good news ?

You won the " pick the shortest straw " game.

What's the bad news ?

She looks like she is sedated, but we thing she may be playing possum.




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i dont have problem doing that , what you dont see is the metal pipe inserted to hold mouth open  .and like that they have no bite force .


i knew a guy who got attacked by pit bull bout 10 years  ago ,  the only thing that saved him  was ramming his arm down the dogs throat and hold on to anything. cant bite or fight . 

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