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The War Game (1965)


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On our way to lunch, my wife mentioned the movies "The Day After" and "Threads". She mentioned that "Threads" had left her depressed after watching it. 

I brought up a movie that I watched in the early/mid 70s, but I couldn't remember its name. That I had watched "The Day After" and found it pretty lame. I've never watched "Threads", didn't know it existed. That the movie  I referred  was found by the BBC to be "not fit for mass consumption"  and never shown on TV. After  a search, she found its title was "The War Game", produced in 1965 and released in a limited theatrical presentation in 1966. Won the Oscar for Best Documentary Performance (or sumpthin' like that) and finally released on  BBC TV in 1985.   

It seems critics favor it as the best nuclear-attack film ever made and that's what I remember from it.  It's actually a docu-drama.

So here it is, just in time for Valentine's Day.




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one of my Favorite Sub Genres.

Nuclear Holocaust..

The War Game is a Classic.

on the Beach-the Original is great the remakes pretty good too.

Dawn`s Early Light-but read Trinity`s Child first for full effect.i got to talking about it with a Lt. Col. B-52 Pilot at Ellsworth AFB on a Tour there some Years ago.

Deterrence- is a good one.


Panic in Year Zero-is a Classic although 2020 made it more Documentary like.

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That's quite the list, holyjohnson.  I saw Fail Safe, on TV. I believe that's the only one.

I was not a movie theater guy. I did see the Leone/Eastwood trilogy and The Godfather. But beyond that, I can't remember going to a theater for anything else.

Then kids came along and it was different. Late 90s. I also enjoyed them for their escapist nature, until today. Marvel is my ganja. The time to escape the world for a time.  Mostly by Blockbuster, Redbox, TV, or streaming.

I might watch Fail Safe again. Thanks.

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