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I'm in 2nd place in the Ice Fishing Derby

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4.92 pound Rainbow. That would normally be an easy 1st place, but an 8.67 pound rainbow was turned in by the woman that won last year. It seems a little hokey. Our local lakes don't produce Rainbows that size. Something smells fishy. I have until the end of the month to come up with a larger one. Not likely to happen, but I'm trying. Going out to the shanty again today. Tomorrow we plan a trip on the snow goes for some run and gun fishing on some remote lakes. Been enjoying the heck out of all this fishing. FISH ON.

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That does sound a little suspect.

But, my BIL is like that with bass. He doesn't catch very many, but what he catches are all way above average. I've fished with him enough to know it's just him, we'll be using the same gear/bait/lure, same boat, I'll have six mid size fish in the cooler, he hasn't even hooked one, and then he'll reel in a six pounder. 

I got some underwater video from a lake we fish for trout. We pull decent size fish out of there all the time, but nothing record breaking. In the deep holes I'll see huge fish on the sonar, easy record territory. We can't get them to bite for anything. Ran the camera down and confirmed they are huge trout. When the ice clears I'm going to target them while using the camera, I want to see what gets their attention, I'm determined to get one on the hook. 

Maybe you're up against someone who has decoded the secret.

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4 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

If she's an eskimo,  she got it in Seattle last year,  and kept it in the freezer.

I found a fish basket full of really nice size bass tied to a dock, right before a bass tournament.

People will cheat at just about any damn thing they can.

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3 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

I win:


I didn't even know what these monkeys were.  But they still look ready to chomp your finger off.  Or thrust at your throat,  and hang on there, whipping,  while you roll around on the ice.

hideous. seriously. damn things look like a roadkill toad that has been baking in the sun a while.

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So, being from "the States", everyone would invite you to ride on the 'go,  if they found you walking, first.

If you just went around,  asking for a ride,  everyone had every excuse to not give you one.

If they found you walking, one mile from nowhere,  they would gladly offer.

But then they'd go 400mph,  and go out of their way to hit every bump, crack, ice-chunk, and heave,  just to watch you bounce around upside-down and sideways and clutching on and hit your mouth,  in the sled.

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The morning pilot reported seeing polar bears,  at the dump,  several mornings in a row.

Since my daughter and SIL were at work,  and I had nothing to do, but wander around,  I decided that I wanted to see bears.

The dump was ~2 miles away.  Easy peasy.

I got pretty close.  And then saw some paw-prints.  They were bigger than my head.  So I decided I didn't want to see bears.

And then I decided harder,  and started a swift-trot back.

Then some guys in an outer conex box saw me and invited me over.  I told them what I was up to.  And then they called me a ******* idiot, for a little bit, and then hey were nice to me.

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48 minutes ago, holyjohnson said:


spicy Monkfish is Delicious.so long as you never saw it before it was Filleted and Cooked..

I don't know.  I've never heard about monkfish caught thought the ice, but I could be wrong.  They don't quite look right.

But, I love to season them, put a sprig of rosemary on each side, then wrap them in super thin bacon and toss them on the grill.

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No fish today, but had fun. Nice day. We have everything ready for our run and gun on the snow goes tomorrow for the lakes we want to sample. Planning to pick one of them for an attempt at bigger Rainbows on Monday.  We'll be fishing a remote area that isn't stocked, but is on a creek drainage with migrating fish. Hope to lay into some big native trout.

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