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Anyone else remember this douchebag?


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Ratko Mladic.  But what I find most interesting is that I think he is wearing a hat that he got from Wesley Clark, a US Army General at the time, later a failed democrat politician.  They drank and traded hats IIRC.  I think Clark was one of Hackworth's "Perfumed Princes". 


Decide for yourself which one the title of the thread refers to. (ETA: Just to be clear, Hackworth is not one of the choices).


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20 minutes ago, Gunboat1 said:

Democrats love genocidal fascists.  In every Liberal Dim, there's one shrieking to be unleashed.


"Shall not be infringed."   For good reason.  Do not comply, ever.

Well, fdr loved him some stalin. Two peas in a pod they were.

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