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Gonna Grow some "Mint" again...


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As ya get older, ya forget simple stuff ya use to do back in the day .


I always had a little cluster of Mint growin in the shade outside.  I'd go outside few times a week and just pick a few leaves.  Wash em off...  Stick it in bout anything I'd be drinkin.  Mountain Dew, Rum and Coke...Tea.  Yup.  gonna plant some Real Mint.


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I do love mint.  I have some year round in a pot outside, as well as thyme, oregano, chives, and parsley.  Everything else dies off over the winter.

I made some homemade Vietnamese eggrolls last night.  The kind you roll up in a lettuce leaf, with some mint, etc., and dip into nuoc cham.

(not my photo)



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I had an herb garden on the side of the house when I was in high school.  After I left home, no one took care of it for a bit, and the lemon balm and the chives popped up ALL over the yard.  My father was still bitching at me about it a decade later.

Around here, the construction project eradicated the lemon balm, so my daughter... replanted it.  Along with some mint (she wanted more flavors than just the wild peppermint that grows next to my asparagus bed).  But... she does't keep it trimmed back when it blooms, so I'm sure I'm going to find it growing everywhere in the near future.  I don't care.  It's tasty and I have a peas, mint& cashew recipe here that everyone likes, so it's not just for tea.

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