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Under Armour Dumps NFL Licensing Deals Ahead Of Super Bowl


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"Sportswear giant Under Armour is dumping its licensing contracts with the National Football League, according to Front Office Sports.

The company axed its deal for NFL players to wear its products on the field, making the coming 2021 season the first in years that Under Armour logos will not appear on the field for years, according to a recent issue of the Front Office Sports email newsletter."



The move comes on the heels of several years of cratering TV ratings across all professional sports.

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This may be the beginning of the end of upper eight significant digits in multi-year contracts for “key” and “franchise” players. Especially if stadiums continue to be mostly empty for whatever reasons.

As has been said in many situations - when something can’t go on it stops. 

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On 2/7/2021 at 9:55 AM, gwalchmai said:

"go woke, go broke" is a good thing.

This reminds me...when I stopped watching the NFL, I found that I did not miss it. When I stopped watching MLB, I found that I did not miss it. When I stopped watching MLS, I found that I did not miss it. I wonder how many others are like me in that they stopped going to the games and stopped watching them. 

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Good. Stupid should hurt.

I think the reason it's taken so long for the effects of their kneeling/BLM bullshit to finally have an effect, is that there were contracts in place for a few years.

But now all those contracts are coming up, and all sorts of companies have to decide if they want to affiliate themselves with professional sports, whose players/owners/organizers do their very best to brutally alienate, insult and denigrate the very fans/customers that made them what they are today.

Imagine a business that expends every effort to tell it's customers that it hates them and everything they stand for, but still expects them to continue being customers........because that is what the NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL and others are doing. 

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