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Feb 3, 1959. The day the music died.


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Two Guitars, Bass and Drums format was Created by Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

He was the Biggest Star in Rock and Roll at 22.

the loss of the three of them at the same time left a void in Rock and Roll that was Filled by Record companies with Homogenized non Threatening and Conformist acts that worked well in Middle America and on TV.

Elvis was in The Army.

Johnny Cash was a Pariah on Junk.

Jerry Lee Married his 13 Year old Cousin

Chuck Berry was doing Jazz Festivals because of Segregation and his Refusal to not play for Whites.

Little Richard Found Jesus and was making Gospel Music.

until The Beatles showed up.

Dressed like Buddy Holly and The Crickets...


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I was born almost 5 months later so I was in 7th grade when American Pie was popular and had no idea that the song was about that incident. I just perused the lyrics and McLean pretty well threw the kitchen sink in there. Until I just looked at the lyrics I had no idea that he had written Lennon rather than Lenin reading the book of Marx. 

I never actually heard any of their music until I was overseas from late 1978 to late 81 because AFRS would play older stuff.

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On 2/3/2021 at 7:29 AM, Valmet said:

Waylon was supposed to be on that place as I recall. 

Apparently they played some shows together, travelling in a broke ass bus to get to gigs.

Buddy was sick of this so he chartered a plane instead, and Waylon gave up his seat on the plane to a band member who was sick.

Buddy said he hoped the bus broke down so he would not make it to the next show.

To which Waylon said of course, I hope your plane crashes.

I bet he thought about that one a few times over the years.

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On 2/3/2021 at 6:17 AM, Mrs.Cicero said:


Don McLean and Austin Brown trade verses on this.  I think I might like it better as a cappella than the original (don't strike me dead for that).

That is a really nice version.  There's lots of incredible voices in there. The human voice is an amazing musical instrument and these guys prove it.

Thanks for posting that.

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17 hours ago, tadbart said:

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I make no assumptions about your gender, race, or intellect. 


Did you just assume my cisgender?

I self identify as non-binary non-racial person. My pronouns are shir/sher. 

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