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FedEx Express/Amazon


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I'm impressed.

Purchased through Amazon a part for my 2005 Kia Sorento from a SK company. It was shipped out of Incheon, SK on February 1st (Korean time), arrived in Anchorage, AK yesterday, went through Customs in two (2) hours or so,  and it is set to be delivered today in beautiful downtown Land O' Lakes, FL before 12:00 PM.

Now... if I could get the USPS to get to me in Tampa something mailed from Miami in three (3) days, I'd be extremely lucky and grateful. Damn!


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Here's the clincher. That part I tried to purchase from a dealer in Stuart, FL. Delivery estimated in 4 or 5 days. Ordered it and soon enough got a call from them that they couldn't deliver because it had been discontinued. That the only outfit in the US that had one, out of LA, had reserved it for another buyer.

I call then the local Kia dealer. They have it, price $178.87. Mind you the dealer in Stuart was selling it for around $89.00 +- including shipping.

Total cost for SK? $88.02 including shipping.


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