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Usually, when I travel, I look for good local grub. Having been to Phoenix late last year, I got familiar with the places right by where I worked. These tacos are from Tacos Huicho, a place few Irishmen visit. 

On my most recent trip out there, one of my coworkers ordered from a different joint. The tacos were good, but they had this brown smoked salsa that can only be described as the devil's diarrhea.  In all fairness, it smelled great, and tasted wonderful for a minute. But then, BOOM ?. Your mouth is on fire, your guts are on fire, and there's nothing you can do about it. 

But, enough words. Lookit.


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9 hours ago, tadbart said:

Dude, I think I can develop a resistance to the local gut flora. But this "valley fever" worries me.

Normally I’d say worry about it IF it becomes a problem. Most people don’t even know that they had it. But with your bat soup croup lungs, I’d talk to a local pulmonologist. I can help there, if you like.

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