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Why We Must Unmask


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A society that stays in and muzzles up until the government says it’s safe to come out is not as free as we thought it was. Smiles matter.

"The narrative needs to change or we will start to see more fascism akin to the Parler debacle because those in power think that there will be very little civil disobedience. It’s imperative to be firm against the progressive narrative and not cede any ground. Lockdowns and masks are harmful. COVID is not a serious illness for most. Smiles matter. We got to this point by trying to compromise our values: Just 15 days, just a mask, just a vaccine. Soon it will be “it’s just a 30-round magazine.” Then, “it’s just a national gun registry.” Next, “we will pay you $500 to buyback each gun.” Before you know it, it will be, “show us your proof of immunity tattoo.” "


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